Parent Forms & Code of Conduct

Parent Code of Conduct

TEAM Maine Athletics and its Board of Directors holds the highest expectations for our parents, players and fans. Since our inception in 2021 TEAM Maine requires that all parents agree to the Parent Code of Conduct. With this it is required that at the start of each season parents will be required to sign and agree to the written expectations that are subject to change from season to season. Parents are also required and reminded that family members and/or friends attending TEAM Maine Athletic events fall under the same expectations and will be held liable for their actions.

Key Things you should remember:

  • Alcohol consumption at contests is prohibited.
  • Negative comments toward players and coaches can result in suspension or removal from rosters and/or tournament play.
  • Negative banter toward officials will have a ZERO tolerance policy. It is not your job as a parent to question officials, calls or pass your opinion of a play to the public. As our mothers once told us. "If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all."
  • With this it is not your place to hold conversation with other teams, coaches and/or tournament officials. Leave this to the coaches.
  • Let the coaches do the coaching!!
  • During tournaments and/or games parents are not to be in the dugout, next to the dugouts or giving direction or coaching their child specific "to do items." If a player needs water, snacks or is injured that is the time being in this area is acceptable. Open area dugouts do not change this rule.
  • If you as a parent are unhappy about a play, playing time or have issues with the outcome of the game then we ask that your daughter speak with staff first. Any parent will be asked not to address these concerns immediately following a game (24 hour policy). Many times, emotions can overtake some and we do not need unproductive conversation or anger to be part of these conversations.

Parent Contract/Agreement

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